In businesses, renovating and painting could be a major disturbance to your daily operations. However, it does not need to be carefully prepared and planned. To help you with that, we have listed helpful tips you can apply as you paint during business hours and keep your business running and open for operations: 

Must you stay open? 

Before you start renovating your office, you will have to do some extra research to make sure that your business can stay open legally. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you cannot open while doing a painting job since you need to follow safety and health codes. You should also consider your business area. Do you have enough space to work in? Can your workers work without risking possible health problems? Does your space have windows to reduce contamination? There are a lot of questions you must answer if you think about renovating. Hence, you should guarantee to be responsible for anything. 


Before you start the process of repainting, you will have to make an announcement so that everyone can be aware of your proposed activity. It is important since they are the ones who will possibly be affected by your projects. Also, you can conduct any needed training for them to guarantee that your operations on a daily basis won’t be interrupted. 

You can also post signs all over your business to let your clients be aware sooner and to reduce complaints.  

Place designated areas 

Setting up designated areas or zones where you will be painting is the greatest means if you want to start doing repainting jobs. They can move to the next designated area once you are done with the prior one. Failing to do this could possibly lean to unorganized and chaotic renovation that will totally produce unhappy and stressed clients.  



Always update your customers and employees with the progress of your renovation. Updates must be spread through signs, social media, and email. Other clients commonly like to wait until you complete the renovation process because of a lot of reasons. Hence, a final update is important to ultimately bring your customers and your business back to normal operations.  

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