The Corona Virus or the COVID-19 is a great challenge that we are facing as a global community. Countries all over the globe are experiencing effects of this unexpected pandemic. Some countries are recovering faster than others and there are also countries who are still struggling to make ends meet because of the setback that the virus has caused to their economy. Overall, everyone in the world is suffering in some ways because of this deadly virus.

There is no one in the world that predicted that this would happen to our only world. No one would have ever though that even with the rise of technology and development in different areas such as food, drugs, treatments, machinery and others, there will still be a virus that could not be destructed by existing development and existing technology. As of today, there is no recorded vaccine and there is no recorded cure for COVID-19 and that is something that is causing hysteria and scares all throughout the globe. As of today, researchers, scientists and medical experts are still doing their very best to find the cure and the vaccine for the virus so that they would be able to save more lives of people. They say that the only thing that we could do for ourselves is to stay at home and if you could not stay at home because you really need to go outside to purchase your necessities is to wear a mask; surgical masks or fabric masks are the types of masks suggested by the experts.

There are certain places that are common to many countries in the world where people are really advised to wear a face mask for their own protection and here are these places:


If you are going to a hospital, whether to have some tests done or to visit someone dear to you, you should definitely wear a face mask especially in hospitals that accommodates patients suffering or infected from corona virus. This is important because there are so many illnesses and viruses that could lower your immune system and will make you more vulnerable to the virus. When you go to a hospital, no matter what your reasons are, make sure you have a mask with you.


When you are buying groceries or you basic human necessities such as food, water and others, you should definitely wear a mask because sometimes in a grocery store, social distancing could not be practiced and people would be passing through each other and touching things that other people have touched. To protect yourself, you should not forget to wear a mask.


If you are one of those people that have resumed their works or jobs and are now asked by their companies to work in their offices or work place, it is important that you bring your mask along with you while you are at your office because there are other people in the room or office and it is air conditioned so the air will just go around the room and this could carry the virus.

A simple way to protect you and to not contract virus is to wear a face mask.